1. I Think I Like It- Fake Blood
  2. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)- Dead Or Alive
  3. Chase After Myself (You Love Her Coz She’s Dead Remix)- Glass Diamond
  4. Twenty Eight- WHY?
  5. My Babe Walk- Weird Tapes
  6. Bloodsport- Sneaker Pimps
  7. Doors Closing Slowly (Horrors Remix)- Manic Street Preachers


  1. Starstruck- Santigold
  2. Alphabet Pony- The Kills
  3. Straight Outta Compton- N.W.A.
  4. Cry Babies- Comic Book Fever vs. Crystal Castles
  5. Africa- Toto
  6. The Shadow Sea- Patrick Wolf
  7. Tristan- Patrick Wolf
  8. Cement Mixer- Clinic
  9. Hoe Cakes- MF DOOM
  10. Cigarettes (Lo-Fi Hipster Mix)- ϨКԐⱠԐ†Ѳ₦ К‡ԂϨ


  1. I Get Around (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)- Dragonette
  2. Demons- South Central
  3. Time After Time- Cyndi Lauper
  4. Miserable Girl- Soulwax
  5. Tainted Love- Soft Cell
  6. Cabin Pressure- Reaching Quiet
  7. Bloody Palms- Phantogram
  8. About A Girl- Nirvana
  9. Homecoming- The Teenagers


  1. Comfort Slave ft. Bobbi Dahl- Teams
  2. In For The Kill (Skrillex Remix)- La Roux
  3. The Cold, The Dark, and The Silence- Sea Wolf
  4. War Pigs- Black Sabbath
  5. Bones- The Killers
  6. Winter White Hymnal- Fleet Foxes
  7. I’ll Be With You- Lumina
  8. Along Came a Biter- Busdriver
  9. Central Nervous Piston- El Ten Eleven
  10. Tent- SALEM


  1. Brainwashed (SALEM Remix)- Devlin
  2. Stand Up Tall (ϨКԐⱠԐ†Ѳ₦ К‡ԂϨ Remix)- Dizzee Rascal
  3. Castles In The Snow- Twin Shadow
  4. Heartlands- Games
  5. PDA- Interpol
  7. Washed Out feat. Caroline Polachek- You and I
  8. Whip My Hair (Crizzly Remix)- Willow Smith


  1. I Want You- Summer Camp
  2. Rain Rain (Haunted by UNISON[remix])- Loredana
  3. I Follow You (Tyler, The Creator Mix)- Lykke Li
  4. Roland- Interpol
  6. Twilight Galaxy (Death To The Throne Mix)- Metric
  7. Your Love Song- Tape3000


  1. Colours- Calvin Harris
  2. Derezzed- Daft Punk
  3. Dolls- Crystal Castles
  4. Call the Shots- Girls Aloud
  5. Slangin’ Yayo- Lil B
  6. Navigate-Colours- These New Puritans
  7. Shadazz- The Horrors
  8. Did You See the Words- Animal Collective


  1. Pancakes ft. Waka Flocka Flame and 8Ball
  2. Talamak- Toro Y Moi
  3. Mess In The Ruins- Kap Bambino
  4. Rolling Papers ft. Wolf Haley- Domo Genesis
  5. Mer- Chelsea Wolfe
  6. Tr(n)igger- Saul Williams
  7. Miserable Girl (SKELETONKIDS MIX)- Soulwax
  8. $copie- Die Antwoord
  9. Casual Diamond- SLEEP ∞ OVER
  10. Still- jj
  11. Falling- SKELETONKIDS
  12. Freddy Spaghetti- THE BITCH IS IN HEAT
  13. We’re Through- James Pants
  14. Rain Rain (Haunted by UNISON mix)- Loredana
  15. Christ- Vangina Vangi
  16. Shallow Tears- Light Asylumn
  17. Dancing In Slow Motion (New Need nuMix)- Teengirl Fantasy


  1. Ring My Bell- Anita Ward
  2. Her- Tyler, The Creator
  3. Try It On (SALEM Remix)- Interpol
  4. Known For It- Death Grips
  5. You’ve Got Mail- Raw Moans
  6. Cat Alert- Waskerley Way
  7. Pretty Bitch- Lil B
  8. Man I- Gorilla Zoe



  1. Hood Clap- Gorilla Zoe
  2. Strip Club- Mellowhype
  3. Divine- FAMILY
  4. Check My Swag- Kollosus
  5. Tron Cat- Tyler, The Creator
  6. MindKilla- Gang Gang Dance
  7. Spacer Woman- Charlie
  8. Angels- jj
  9. Finna- SALEM
  10. I Want It, I Need It (Death Heated)- Death Grips
  11. Gazillion Ear- DOOM
  12. Veronica Sawyer- Summer Camp
  13. Goth Star- Pictureplane
  14. Sleep On The Roof- Memory Cassette
  15. 2 AM- Thee More Shallows
  16. Kvlt Shyt (Fuckt Virgin)- SKELETONKIDS


  1. Skull Fuct- Light Asylumn
  2. Bitchesburninup- SALEM
  3. Too Much Midi (Please Forgive Me)- Ford & Lopatin
  4. Sex- Berlin
  5. Give Head and Be Beautiful- Dirty Sanchez
  6. Kvlt Shyt (█powwowW remix)- SKELETONKIDS
  7. Obsessions (oOoOO Remix)- Marina and the Diamonds
  8. Memorex Cds- Hodgy Beats


  1. Clear Eyes- Domo Genesis
  2. Running Away- Friendly Fires
  3. Vanished- Crystal Castles
  4. Ovah- High Park
  5. Unchain Me- Lil B
  6. Psychosoma
  7. I My Me Mine- Polysics
  8. Hunger Texas- Kap Bambino
  9. Are You Satisfied- Marina and the Diamonds
  10. Crave You ft. Giselle- Flight
  11. Castles In The Snow- Twin Shadow
  12. Thanks Vision- Toro Y Moi
  13. Ketamine- TEMPELHOF
  15. Make It Hottt- Crystal Castles


  1. Swear Words- Kids & Explosions
  2. Well Fed Fuck- All Leather
  3. Nylon Smile- Portishead
  4. Prussian Blue (Neue Ordnung)- Original Heteroes
  5. Rack Hunters (MR MIYAGI Remix)- Elroy and Piper
  6. Linus Spacehead- Wavves
  7. Nightcall- Kavinsky
  8. So Wuts Drippin- White Ring
  10. Analog Wormz Sequel- Mr Oizo
  11. Minemine- SALEM
  12. Reptile- Nine Inch Nails
  14. I Just Want To Be Your Everything- Andy Gibb

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    ΧΜΔϨ/ $▲†▲₦ ▼$. $▲₦†▲\ ΧΜΔϨ

      1. Little M▲R▲5 Playing Grandma’s Organ- M▲R▲5 
      2. Christmas Wrapping (Summer Camp Cover)- The Waitresses 
      3. Carol of the Bells- ϨКԐⱠԐ†Ѳ₦ К‡ԂϨ 
      4. Crystal Castles Save Christmas- Crystal Castles 
      5. R3‡ND33R (ϨКԐⱠԐ†Ѳ₦ К‡ԂϨ Cover)- The Knife 
      6. Christmas In Hollis- Run DMC 
      7. MurderinMikey4Xmas- ϨКԐⱠԐ†Ѳ₦ К‡ԂϨ


      1. Ghost Train- Summer Camp
      2. Blowing Up (Feat. Ciara)- T-Pain
      3. Fixin’ To Thrill- Dragonette
      4. Narc (Paul Banks Mix)- Interpol
      5. Blume- Einstürzende Neubauten
      6. ₡Ɽ♥$Ⱨ Demo- ϨКԐⱠԐ†Ѳ₦ К‡ԂϨ
      7. Deep Sea Diver (The Bomarr Monk)- Grizzly Bear
      8. Scarlet Fields- The Horrors
      9. Gravity’s Rainbow (Van She Remix)- The Klaxons
      10. Psychic City- YACHT
      11. Under A New Sky- The Presets
      12. Love My Way- The Psychedelic Furs

    ▲n0th3r♀$@d Ⱡo▼e $0ng♂M‡x†ape

      1. My Plants Are Dead (Games Remix)- Blonde Redhead
      2. Heartbeat (MSTRKRFT Remix)- Annie
      3. It Isn’t Easy Having Fun- Carios
      4. Obsessions (oOoOO Remix)- Marina and the Diamonds
      5. Loveghost- High Park
      6. Last Day of Magic- The Kills
      7. Bridle- Sage Francis
      8. On Giving Up- High Places
      9. Try It On- Interpol

    † h e r a p ɣ

      1. Oh No! (Active Child Remix)- Marina and the Diamonds
      2. Hold Me, Touch Me (Black Strobe Summer Camp Remix)- W.I.T.
      3. Beautiful (MR MIYAGI Remix)- Cicada
      4. Fancy Footwork (Death To The Throne Remix)- Chromeo
      5. Shadows In Bloom- Games
      6. Still Waiting- ADULT.
      7. Say A Spell- The Birthday Party
      8. Rest My Chemistry- Interpol

    H O O D - W Y T C H

      1. I’m the Devil- Lil B
      2. Hard In Da Paint- Waka Flaka Flame
      3. Never Call U Bitch Again- SALEM vs. 2pac
      4. Goodnight ft. Gucci Mane (HEALTH Remix)- OJ Da Juiceman

    Ms. Nevada

      1. King Night- SALEM
      2. Barbados Nights- Neon Blonde
      3. Lover’s Start- How To Dress Well
      4. The Lovecats (Unplugged Version)- The Cure
      5. Overnight Celebrity- Twista
      6. My Lil Satanyst- ϨКԐⱠԐ†Ѳ₦ К‡ԂϨ
      7. Balloons- Foals
      8. Evil!- Grinderman